The time has come when longboards are being considered better than simple skateboards. Not only kids but adults also prefer longboards in many cases. If you are also interested in getting a longboard for yourself, then you have reached the right spot.

We have a lot of options for you by a famous longboard manufacturer by the name of Atom. If you want a good longboard by Atom, you should continue reading this review which has brief information on the Best Atom Longboards of 2019. Find the one which suits you the best and get it right away.

1. Atom 39-Inch Drop Through Longboard – 9.5

Atom 39-Inch Drop Through Longboard Review



  • Unique, attractive Artisan blue color pattern
  • Unique drop through deck with kick tail design
  • Comes fully assembled
  • Stronger deck with maple laminate
  • High speed, lubricated bearings


  • Graphics may wear off in-time

This longboard has been specifically designed for free-riding purposes. Atom has this 39-inch drop through longboard integrated with free-to-move wheels that assist the rider in having a great ride throughout.  Coming in an amazing Artisan Blue color, it seems to be quite an attractive option as well. Also, the weight is as low as 6 pounds which means your balance and control would be great.

However, further enhancements to the balance and control have been made by using a grip tape that doesn’t let you slip off even at higher speeds. The size of this longboard is 39 inches and it has traditional trucks which may seem outdated but they are reliable and durable in their performance. An amazing pair of ABEC-9 bearings is used which keeps the board smooth.

2. Atom 40-Inch Drop Through Longboard – 9.5

Atom 40-Inch Drop Through Longboard Review



  • Graphics are heat transferred which improves life span
  • Stronger die-cast bearings
  • Faster with high rebound wheels
  • Stable ride with concave shape
  • Reverse kingpin trucks help improve speed


  • Mounting screws will have to be tightened over-time

A great element of longboards by Atom is the fact that they are constructed with a strong material which is why they last for long and are preferred over other brands. This board has been crafted out of Maple Ply wood and the deck is 40 inches in its length which is great.

Four different types of colors are offered by the company which includes Purple Veneer, Owl, Bamboo, Blue Geo, and Tiki Banner. This Atom longboard can be used for cruising as well as racing. The base angle is 40 degrees which means that it seems to be a stable one and you might not fall off easily. Keep in mind that mounting screws require regular tightening.

3. Atom All-Terrain Longboard – 9.2

Atom All-Terrain Longboard Review



  • Better angle with reverse kingpin trucks
  • Improved stability with a low-profile design
  • Long lasting, durable deck
  • Stable ride
  • Bearings come pre-lubricated


  • Heavier trucks makes performing tricks difficult for beginners

The Atom All-Terrain Longboard is rated as 9.2 out of 10 because it comes with super rebound wheels along with all-terrain cast on them. This means that your wheels are great and they come with a protection as well so you can even take this longboard to the rougher areas and the wheels will work perfectly fine. Better traction will also come because of this.
Stability matters a lot as well which is why the deck has barely any ground clearance and that adds to the stability of the board. The board has been made from maple-lam that makes it more durable and long lasting as well. You will surely love this all-terrain longboard by Atom.

Atom 49-Inch Pin-Tail Sc Longboard – 9.0

Atom 49-Inch Pin-Tail Sc Longboard Review



  • Superior grip with 80S grip tape
  • Landing stunts is simple with pin-tail design
  • Large surface area makes for a stable ride
  • High-end photo heat transfer graphics
  • Improved control and stability with faster speeds


  • Low quality wheel cutoffs

If you have ever heard of maple lamination, you will have an idea that how is the deck of a longboard is protected. The maple lamination is basically a top most covering of the board which resists the damages and doesn’t bring any damage to the inner deck of the longboard.

Another great thing regarding the deck is the fact that it has been covered with the 80S grit grip tape. This makes it even more stable and non-slippery for the user. The color is black and the length of this Atom pintail longboard is 49 inches which is why we can say that it is more of a longboard for professional riders.

5. Atom 39-Inch Drop Deck Longboard – 8.9

Atom 39-Inch Drop Deck Longboard Review



  • Minimal risk of slipping with 80 grit silicon carbide grips
  • High quality crmo axles which are heat treated
  • Superior strength with 9-ply Maple laminated deck
  • Great drop deck design appealing for beginners
  • Faster speed with with reverse king pin trucks


  • Trucks too stiff for experts

Atom has used the retros wheels as well as high quality bearings which makes this longboard a great one for use. The overall weight of this longboard is just a little more than 7 pounds which is quite low. Ultimate balance and a perfect control are therefore guaranteed with this longboard.

This 39-inch Atom drop deck longboard is available in a wide array of amazing colors is there which includes Orange Geo, Artisan Brown, Blue Triangles, Dark Tiki, Octopus, and Woody X. You will surely love riding this longboard for cruising purposes.

6. Atom Drop Through Longboard – 8.6

Atom Drop Through Longboard Review



  • Urethane wheels provide higher rebound
  • Great reverse kingpin trucks
  • 80S Grip tape improve grip and reduce slipping
  • Fully assembled
  • Faster with high quality, lubricated bearings


  • Heavy

Atom drop through longboard is another great one by Atom which is known for the perfect grip. This is because it comes with the 80S grit grip tape that covers the entire deck. This feature is useful for the beginner level riders as they will feel easier to ride with the grip tape. Otherwise, they may fall and crash.

The (SHR) urethane wheels are integrated into the board to give higher speeds! Several amazing colors such as Blue Woody, Green Woody, Red Race, Rasta Lion, Yellow Woody, Double Drop are there. ABEC-5 bearings are used which guarantee speed with smoothness.

7. Atom Kicktail Longboard – 8.1

Atom Kicktail Longboard Review



  • Fully assembled
  • Kick tail makes it easy to perform stunts
  • More speed with ABEC 5 bearings
  • Great footing with grip tape and maple laminate
  • High-quality 90A-HR suspension


  • Higher than most

The name of the 7th rated Atom longboard says it all. This kicktail longboard has been designed to take off and help you out with your stunts as well. Made for all the professional riders out there, it has been made long but lightweight. This can help you in getting in the air easily. The weight of this longboard is 11 pounds which is fine for a pro.

You don’t have to worry about the assembly since the board can be used right after you take it out of the box. With a 90AHR suspension, you will be able to resist the rough terrains easily and enjoy. Urethane wheels ensure speed as well.

Atom 41-Inch Drop Deck Longboard – 7.9

Atom 41-Inch Drop Deck Longboard Review



  • Great durability with maple laminate deck
  • Improved stability with ultra low-profile design
  • More leverage with unique shape
  • Fully assembled
  • Safe ride with 80S Grip tape


  • Grip tape known to come off
  • Boring graphics

Another Atom drop-deck longboard in our list is this one which is basically designed for the beginners so they can have maximum stability in their rides. This is possible because Atom brings the deck closer to the ground that reduces the risks of getting into a crash.

The weight of this 41-inch Atom longboard is 10.14 pounds which is fine. The best part is the fact that it has a unique shape gives inches of leverage during turning. Also, you get a one-year limited manufacturer’s warranty.

9. Atom 39-Inch Lowrider Longboard – 7.8

Atom 39-Inch Lowrider Longboard Review



  • Safe ride with 80S grit grip tape
  • Improved speed with traditional trucks
  • Durable with maple laminate deck
  • Lower height offers better push and pull
  • Very stable with a low-profile design


  • Noticeable wheel bite
  • Bearings best adapted for cruising

Another one for the lowriders is this 39-inch lowrider longboard. The low-profile design allows for low carving. The lesser height of the board gives you stable turning which is a great problem for beginner riders.

Arriving in multi-colored deck, it seems to be quite attractive for the young ones as well. The axles are 217mm which is amazing. The best thing is that you don’t need any sort of extra effort for turning and pushing as it is easier to do with a low-profile deck.

10. Atom Lowrider Longboard – 7.3

Atom Lowrider Longboard Review



  • Stable with a low-profile design
  • Great for performing tricks with pintail design
  • High-quality maple laminate deck
  • Improved traction and control with grip deck
  • ABEC 5 bearings provide great speed


  • Soft trucks

Nearly 40 inches long is this lowrider longboard that has been made for the beginners. It is quite strong since it has been crafted out of maple ply. With a grip tape on the deck, the chances for slipping off and crashing go to a complete zero.

The bearings used are ABEC 5 bearings which are fine if this Atom Lowrider longboard and beginners are concerned. There is a pintail deck design for performing stunts. Also, there are Pre-drilled holes for bindings guaranteed user comfort.


The conclusion for this review is that you should select your longboard from the list of Best Atom Longboards of 2019. For sure, you will have a great experience with it and you will enjoy the strength, the low rides, the stability, and the high speeds. We believe that Atom designs exceptionally outstanding longboards and you should get one from right away.