When it comes to longboards, many of us prefer the longboards that have been manufactured by the famous company Krown. Krown doesn’t only design longboards in an attractive manner but their longboards are durable and long lasting.

One doesn’t have to face many issues as long as he is using the longboard by Krown even though small issues may exist at times. Other than that, Krown has the longboards for everyone whether beginners or advanced level riders. If you are also interested in getting a good longboard by Krown, have a look at the Best Krown Longboards of 2019.

1. Krown Orange Sunset Complete Longboard Kicktail – 9.6

Krown Orange Sunset Complete Longboard Kicktail Review



  • Affordable
  • Amazing visuals and color pattern
  • Makes beginners better instantly
  • Premium performance with a pintail shape
  • Reduced wheel bite


  • Too basic for professional longboarders

On the top of our list, we have this amazing Orange Sunset longboard from Krown which has a wider wheel base and a bigger deck that helps in accommodating high weight riders as well as provides the ultimate level of stability too. For this reason, this longboard is a great one for the beginner level riders, but is well-suited to meet the needs of intermediates and more aggressive professional level riders.

The deck print with a subtle orange sunset graphic which is fine. The 26” wheel base offers more area and coverage. The wheels are 70mm, 78a, and gloss black color along with some smooth bearings that help in providing a great overall experience to the rider. The board comes completely pre-assembled hence the user faces no delay in using the item.

Krown Bamboo Longboard Pintail Exotic Skateboard – 8.7

Krown Bamboo Longboard Pintail Exotic Skateboard Review



  • High-quality bamboo and maple construction
  • Highly durable with good flex
  • Strong top coat keeps graphics looking new over-time
  • Popular pintail shape aides in performance
  • Affordable


  • Not designed for pro level use

Having a maple core construction, this is a very tough longboard that can be useful when training in the rugged areas. There are multiple reasons for that. First, you have a tough board which can resist some damages and you have great wheels which can be used at rugged terrains easily.

Other than that, the overall design of the Bamboo longboard which features an exotic pintail shape is outstanding as well. The users who have tried it were quite happy with the overall performance as well as the design. It provides smooth performance and is ideal for the beginner level users. At this price you won’t go wrong and with all-positive consumer reviews there’s numerous people who agree with us.

3. Krown 43-Inch Classic Black Pintail Longboard – 8.7

Krown 43-Inch Classic Black Pintail Longboard Review



  • Perfect length for cruising
  • Easy for beginners to learn
  • Durable and long-lasting
  • Affordable and perfect for those on a budget
  • Performance features for a beginner’s board


  • Lower quality deck

Most of the other longboards have been made from simple maple wood but this one has been designed specially from the Canadian Maple which seems to be even stronger than the regular longboard. Having a fin tail shape, you can maneuver easily and even go on higher speeds as the shape is quite responsive.

The 43-inch Krown Classic Black pintail longboard features 65 mm 78 aluminum based wheels. These wheels can withstand normal resistance but they cannot be used on the rugged terrains. The board is quite light in weight which is why it can be easily used by the riders. It comes pre-assembled which is an additional plus point.

4. Krown Krex 2 Bamboo Freestyle Complete Longboard – 8.5

Krown 41-Inch Krex 2 Bamboo Freestyle Complete Longboard Review



  • Great freestyle experience
  • Hybrid bamboo and maple construction making it lightweight and durable
  • Fast bearings come pre-lubricated
  • Flexible, strong deck
  • Grit blends in with top-level graphics


  • Stiff trucks

The name says it so. This longboard has been crafted from bamboo and Canadian maple wood which is why it is so strong. This longboard is easier to clean and there are barely any chances that it gets damaged or destroyed. The deck has a beautiful design as well.

When it comes to bearings, they are smooth and speedy as well which is why the longboard can be used for racing purpose as well. The bearings come pre-lubricated so that you seem to be ready for having your first ride as soon as you unpack the board from the box. The trucks of the Krown Krex Freestyle longboard are designed in such a way that they are long and very strong.

5. Krown 46-Inch City Surf Longboard Skateboard – 8.4

Krown 46-Inch City Surf Longboard Skateboard Review



  • High quality trucks make for great carving
  • Grit tape makes landing tricks easy
  • Experts rave over the pintail design
  • Durable Canadian maple deck


  • Parts wear over-time

The 46-inch City Surf longboard should be strong because you don’t want it to break so easily, especially when you are a beginner. For this reason, a longboard comes with high quality trucks as well. However, the trucks should not be excessively strong or excessively weak and there should be balance otherwise users might not have the right flexibility or strength.

Made from aluminum alloy and Canadian maple wood, this longboard is a lightweight yet strong one. The grip tape is an additional plus point for this one which allows the riders to have a proper grip and they can perform stunts easily as well.

6. Krown Samurai Pintail Complete Longboard – 8.3

Krown Samurai Pintail Complete Longboard Review



  • Durable, strong Canadian Maple construction
  • Fully assembled
  • Unique pintail design fit for all skill levels
  • Risers significantly reduce wheel bite
  • Simple for beginners to learn on


  • Too basic for expert longboarders

Having a classic shape, the Krown Samurai Pintail Complete longboard seems to be one of the most perfect boards out on the market. The variety in degree of sharpness assists the riders in having better turns and control of their longboard. This design of the boards allows riding directional.

With a low weight of 7 pounds only, the Samurai becomes easier to control and manage as well. The wheels are sized 63 mm, 78 a. additionally, ½” risers have been added, which help to reduce the wheel bite.

7. Krown Gray/White Flame Complete Longboard – 8.3

Krown Gray/White Flame Complete Longboard Review



  • No wheel bite
  • Recommended and makes beginners better
  • Durable deck
  • Performance minded deck
  • Lightweight, attractive design


  • Wheels will have to be adjusted

Having a performance deck, this gray/white Flame longboard seems to be quite responsive and strong. The white flame color and design suits the amazing deck in an even better way. It is designed for all the riders who weigh equal to or less than 250 pounds and performs well with all types whether casual, downhill or speed longboarding.

The best part? Well, the Krown Flame comes completely assembled and you just start your ride as soon as the longboard comes out of the box. The trucks are 7.0 whereas the ABEC-7 bearings make the wheels as a smooth one.

8. Krown Complete Longboard Skateboard – 8.1

Krown Complete Longboard Skateboard Review



  • Durable board and will withstand regular use
  • Great balance of flex for all riders
  • Great traction and stability
  • Affordable
  • Smooth bearings


  • Some consumers cited lower quality bearings

The Krown Complete Longboard is basically a board that comes with a grip tape on the deck that helps in providing the users with the maximum control. The weight of this longboard is 6.5 pounds which is low enough for riders to control this longboard in an effective manner.

The truck length of the 8th best Krown longboard this year is 6 inches whereas the wheel size is 65mm, 78a. The Canadian maple wood has been used in making this longboard which makes it strong as well. For sure, you will have a stable ride with it.

9. Krown Kick Tail Rasta Longboard – 8.1

Krown Kick Tail Rasta Longboard Review



  • Risers eliminate wheel bite
  • Appealing design and color pattern
  • Makes beginners better
  • Performance bearings makes for a smooth ride
  • Durable, stable deck


  • Basic features for professional longboarders

Wheels matter as much as the quality of the longboard matters overall. The wheel base of the Krown Rasta longboard which is a kicktail model is sized 26 inches and the wheels come with the amazing ABEC-7 bearings which help in providing a smooth flow to the rider. For this reason, we consider it as a good choice for the beginners.

The wider base and the longer design basically bring a concave design which makes it quite stable for the riders to ride this longboard. The Rasta longboard also features the brand’s own high-quality longboard trucks which makes for an ultra-smooth ride and makes it easier for beginner’s to learn on.

10. Krown Moose Kicktail Longboard Complete – 8.1

Krown Moose Kicktail Longboard Complete Review



  • Fully assembled
  • Affordable
  • Simple for beginners to learn on
  • Black grip tape offers greater traction
  • Highly regarded pintail shape


  • Not designed for pro-level abuse
  • Bearings are of lower quality

Last but not the least we have this amazing longboard by Krown which comes with a round nose that enables the rider to divert from their course in an easy manner. The deck is measured 9 x 43 inches, along with a base of 26 inches.

Coming with the ABEC 7 bearings, the Krown Moose kicktail longboard complete basically helps the riders in having a long-lasting smooth experience. The board is ideally designed for the beginner level users as it is flexible sturdy. The color of this longboard is Hawaiian Fury whereas the maximum weight limit is somewhere near 200 pounds so many riders can ride this longboard easily.


The Best Krown Longboards of 2019 are going to be providing you with the best longboard riding experience if you use and maintain your longboard in the proper way. If you don’t use the longboard in the way it is required or you exceed the weight limits, chances are that a top-quality product gets destroyed as well.

To avoid this, take care of your longboard. Get these from amazon.com right away and start riding.